Welcome to the site of Parc Maghrib.  

We have a dream to make 2 worlds better.

This can be achieved by building a Vacantion Parc in Morocco, by local workers and investors from Europe and the USA.

The goal is to build a park with two apartment buildings each with 42 apartments and 15 houses. This will include play facilities for the  children and a swimming pool, all on an area of approximately 12 acres.

We will use solar energie for the generation of electricity.

By using local workers the economic growth in the region goes up.

We also want to use 10% of profits going towards education, and to support local projects. Doing all this, will improve the lives of the people living in the area.

You can help us realize our dream ! As 1,000 people invest $ 5.000,-- our dream is a reality.

It is also possible to make a donation or buy a house or an apartment.

Since we  are building with local workers in Morocco, we can guarantee the investors for the first 5 years, a return capital of 4%. 

This is in addition to increased property values​​.

So it's a win-win situation. You make revenue on your investment and the local workers have work and improve their lives.

To give you an impression of the apartments and houses to realize, you can see the floor plans and photos.


For more information please contact us via our contact form.

 Leyla & Adriaan van der Giessen, The Netherlands